We build Web3 tools & apps.

We craft purposeful Web3 products, with a strong emphasis on user experience and top-notch engineering.

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    Token & NFT Tools for Web3 Teams

    • SlashToken is a Web3 token toolbox. It provides user-friendly token and NFT tools to help Web3 projects to better engage and reward their communities. At the moment, SlashToken offers Drop and Draw tools.

    • SlashToken Drop is a powerful tool to distribute tokens and NFTs, while SlashToken Draw allows you to conduct provably-fair draws and automatically send rewards (tokens or NFTs) to winners - in a seamless, one-step operation.

    • Our tools are designed for simplicity and ease of use. They can be used by any Web3 project, of any size, and require zero technical knowledge.

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    The Super App for NFTs

    • Super Fren aims to be the Super App for NFTs. For now, Super Fren is an incredibly fast and beautiful NFT portfolio tracker, available on iOS and Android.

    • Super Fren offers an unparalleled experience in monitoring your NFTs across multiple wallets, all with ease, speed, and elegance. With sleek animations, smooth performance, and a seamless UX, Super Fren is the best way to track your NFT portfolio.

    • At the moment, you can track your NFTs on Ethereum. Bitcoin Ordinals, Solana & Polygon NFTs coming soon.

A few words about us.

  • At Handshake Labs, we are at the forefront of the Web3 revolution, building tools and applications that harness the potential of blockchain technology.

  • Our mission is to empower Web3 teams and communities to thrive in this exciting digital era. We craft purposeful Web3 products, with a strong emphasis on user experience and top-notch engineering.

  • With over a decade of experience in building commercial digital products, our team holds a profound understanding of the digital landscape. Since 2010, we have a proven track record in crafting products that delight, engage, and convert. Our team’s strategic thinking, creative design, and technological expertise has helped businesses to establish lasting customer relationships, uncover new revenue streams, and fuel business growth.